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How GDPR Guidelines Regulate Marketing Automation and Customer Engagement?

On Jun 26, 2019
Marketing automation offers some of the most innovative ways of tracking and pursuing leads. It collates between different profile segments and the sources of lead generation campaigns such as newsletters, email subscribers, and site visitors. The marketing function needs to deal with disorganized data across these domains, thereby securing information pertaining to credentials of prospects and customers alike.
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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives Transformation across Enterprises?

On Jun 24, 2019
Artificial Intelligence is a specialized capability involving automated tasks that are performed exclusively by machines driven by thinking ability and logical conclusion; with zero or minimum human intervention.
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How Azure helps leverage Kentico capabilities?

On Jun 20, 2019
Kentico offers some of the most advanced ways of creating websites and running marketing campaigns, and known for offering an unmatched experience with the use of Microsoft Azure. Kentico has been available on the Azure cloud since 2011,enabling businesses to complete their success stories. A survey carried out to assess Kentico Azure capabilities pointed out at advantages businesses had with respect to patches, scaling up, maintenance, and capitalizing on server capacity as and when required.
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How do biotech firms leverage Boomi for Master Data Management?

On Jun 17, 2019
With an onslaught of data traffic from diverse platforms and touch-points, businesses need to develop a reliable and comprehensive roadmap for complete data management across the front-end application powered by a cloud-based integration environment. Dell Boomi offers comprehensive Data Management alternatives for businesses, apart from typical integration benefits.
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How NetSuite accelerators enrich Boomi cloud integration?

On Jun 13, 2019
The Boomi platform is enriched with the NetSuiteā€™s SuiteSuccess accelerator which will boost business efficiency and increase the time-to-value. Dell Boomi and NetSuite have announced the release of the first of a series of accelerators for industry cloud solutions.
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How do aviation firms leverage Microsoft PowerApps?

On May 30, 2019
Microsoft PowerApps offers a co-development approach which makes the way for the participation of citizen users. This improves collaboration and helps create a series of business apps in conjunction with specific business needs. By virtue of app productivity, enterprises can take the subsequent toward deploying high-value Azure Cognitive Services and Kubernetes.
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How does Dynamics 365 for Marketing accelerate ROI?

On May 23, 2019
Microsoft realized the need to beat the competition from Salesforce CRM, and set out to roll Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It is available as a cloud offering, and Dynamics 365 CRM can be used independently, or with other fellow cloud offerings.
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How does Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights impact Business Performance?

On May 20, 2019
Firms are looking at innovation at each step to improve productivity and customer satisfaction by the numbers. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights would help organizations with built-in interactive charts and dashboard filters that categorize customer scenarios to improve productivity as well as streamline entire customer journeys.
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Microsoft unveils path-breaking Azure capabilities at Build 2019

On May 14, 2019
Microsoft has unveiled new announcements at the Build 2019 event, the most prominent one about Azure platform. This event showcases some of the amazing progress in AI and mixed reality.
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SharePoint Integration with Dynamics CRM drives business performance

On Apr 23, 2019
The might of Dynamics CRM combined the agility of SharePoint tools is here to churn out wonders. With changing technology landscape and the needs of modern-age customers, an enterprise calls for better workflow management, closer collaboration among the employees, and tools to automate and drive process efficiency.

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